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Timebucks step by step tutorial how to earn real cash 2021 review

Timesbucks is one of the best passive money income website that you can earn real cash by surveys, watching videos, roll, captcha and more.

Register now at Timebucks

Country UAE
Start 2014
Ref-Commission 15%
Faucet roll Yes
Earning High
Timesbuck Legit
Captcha Yes
Withdraw Manually
Minimum withdraw $10
Accepted countries All
Currencies Bitcoin, Payeer

Timesbucks review

Timesbucks is one of the best passive money income websites that you can earn real cash by surveys, watching videos, roll, captcha, and more.

Timebucks was registered in 2014 and owned by LK international ltd of AL Jazeera AL Hamra. The company headquarter is located in Ras AL Khaimah, United Arab Emirates.

Domain registration

Timebucks was created in the year 2014-04-18 which domain name will expire in the year 2021-04-18 but can be updated to more years.

How to join timebucks?

  • Visit: Timesbucks
  • Fill out the form
  • Verify your email
  • Good to go

How log in on timebucks?

  • Email
  • password

How to withdraw on timebucks?

The minimum withdrawal on timebucks is a $10 threshold once a week every Thursday. Timesbucks offers different way users can withdraw their money which is bitcoin, payeer and more.

How does timebucks work?

Timebucks is an online survey site that has many offers users can participate in. There are different way users can earn real cash in timebucks which is surveys, content, tasks, signups, refer, roll, job listing, ali express, and tik-tok.

Here I am going to navigate you through the step-by-step tutorial on how to earn real cash in timebucks.


Before you get started on all the surveys you need to make sure you are serious about doing online surveys properly. You have to answer the question correctly at least 80% correct answer before you will get paid.

Build a quality score on your profile and have a higher score the more surveys you will get access to and the more money you will make.


The content surveys have different ways of earning real cash which is clicks, slideshows, captcha, night fall news, engage, push clicks, search, upload, and videos. I am going to explain everything in detail about how to earn in content surveys.


In this task, you will get paid to click on links from advertisers. You must visit the website for the specified duration time in seconds to receive your credit. You can only view one advert at a time.

If you close the tab before the time ends, the timer will stop and you won’t receive your credit. You can also enable the sound notification to notify you when the timer finishes.


In this task, you will get paid to go through 7 pages of slideshows. Users can also participate in 20 slideshows per day, but only 1 every 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes timer ends, you can participate in another slideshow.



In this task, you will get paid by complete captcha. You will earn $0.003 for every 15 captchas you complete successfully. You can do these unlimited times.


In this task, you will get paid to watch specific youtube videos. You will be redirected to a third-party website called engage hits and you will get paid a minimum of $0.001 for videos watched. You will also earn 10 sweepstakes entries per video you watch.

Push clicks

In this task, you will get paid to clicks on adverts however they will deliver to you as browser notification. You will get adverts paying between $0.001 and $0.002 per click.

The earnings for this update every 24 hours, or at the end of the day. Once the day ends, it will calculate how many clicks you made, and your account will be credited and you will receive a notification.


In this task, you will get paid to search for what you were expected to search for anyway. You will get paid for each search you do, up to a maximum of 1 search per 30 minutes, and a minimum of 3 searches per day. You must only perform genuine searches.


In this task, you will get paid by uploading videos to youtube. You must have a youtube channel account in order to perform this task. They will provide you the videos you need to download and upload. They will also provide you the title, description thumbnail, and tags all you need to copy and paste it.


In this task, you will get paid by watching videos at least 60 seconds of the video to receive your credit of $0.0001.



In this task, you will get paid to complete microtasks. When you click the start campaign button, you will be with the instructions set by the advertisers on what they want you to do. You will have 30 minutes to complete the task and submit your proof.

The advertiser will have 4 days to review your proof and approve your submission. If you do not do the task correctly or provide fake proof the advertiser may reject your submission



In this task, you will get paid to sign up for different websites. As each website is different, they all required different things to sign up for.

When you click the signup button, it will show you what exactly is required to sign up for the website and what proof you need to provide.


Referral commission

You will get a commission for anyone you refer to timebucks. You will earn a 15% commission from anyone you refer. This means if your referral earns $10, you will earn a $1.50 commission. You will also earn 50% of each roll bonus your referral wins, if you referral roll and win $10, you will also win $5.


All you have to do is click the roll button and a random number will be generated. Depending on what number you get, you will be paid out according to the table below. You can also come back to roll every hour to roll and win again as long as the condition is met.

Job listing

In this task, they are going to help you get a free referral for life. They will teach you how to create a free job listing online which will give you a constant stream of referrals for your timebucks account. You will be paid $0.5 for the job listing. All you have to do is to follow the instructions correctly.

Ali express

You can get cashback on items you want to purchase for Ali express, or you can use it to sell things to other people and will earn a commission whenever someone buys something from your link.

The commission range anywhere from 0% to 5% which is the highest commission rate in the world for Ali express. Have in mind that any cancellations or refunds made after your purchase will result in a chargeback to your timebucks account.

See the full commission table below.

Special category
Percentage (%)
Mobile phone
Computer peripherals
Laptop netbooks
Home audio
External storage
Mobile phone accessories
Interior accessories
Women’s clothing
Men’s clothing
Children clothing
All other categories

How to earn cash on premium with timebucks?

Users can increase their earnings on timebucks by 25% for just $4.95 per week any task you will earn 25% more. This means, if you do a task that paid $1, you will get paid $1.25 for it.

It will not increase your current existing wallet amount by 25%, only new tasks you perform after you become premium. All you have to do is to fill out the required form and made a payment.


Timebucks is an online survey site that you can earn real cash by participating in different kinds of surveys. Timebucks is one of the best legit surveys that pay a high rate of cash.

For users to benefit from timebucks you have to follow the instruction correctly whenever you are participating in surveys.

You can earn up to $10 in a day on your surveys, users can also earn by referring another user to timebucks by using your referral link. The account is free to open and no age limit all countries are supported. Why not sign up today to claim your $1.00 bonus free.

Feel free to leave a comment below in the comment section on how you feel about the platform and also subscribe to our newsletter via your email.

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