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Crowdyloan review legit or scam check out

Crowdyloan review (is legit or scam check out?). Is a platform where members loan each other funds in return for a commission.
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Crowdyloan review (is legit or scam check out?). Read all you are expected to know about crowdyloan review.

This article will are going to touch part on the sub-categories crowdyloan review, domain registration, who is the CEO of crowdyloan, how to join crowdyloan, how to withdraw on crowdyloan, and how does crowdyloan work, and more.

There are many unreliable platforms that are ready to render financial freedom for individuals. Most of those platforms are so much annoying while some are reliable platforms.

In today’s review will are going to navigate through a platform called crowdyloan review legit or scam check out whether is among those unreliable platforms.

The platform is a peer-to-peer lending platform where members provide financial aid to each other in return for interest.

Crowdyloan review

According to the website, is a platform where members loan each other funds in return for a commission. It costs just 1000 naira to become a lender, and each member can earn up to 720000 naira in 90 days.

Crowdyloan has different levels of loans they render to users and they claim that you can get your loan within 5 minutes depends on the loan level you choose. Keep reading to know more about crowdyloan platform.

Domain registration

Crowdyloan was created in the year 2021-04-29 which domain name will expire in the year 2022-04-29 but can be updated to more years.

Who is the CEO of crowdyloan?

No information about the CEO of the platform but the founder is from Nigeria according to what is seen on the platform.

Where is crowdyloan located?

The information provides on the platform Nigeria, Africa. This means that there is no single trace about the platform because Nigeria on its own is a country. Take note of those investment platforms that mostly hide useful information about him.

How to join crowdyloan?

  • Visit:
  • Fill out the form
  • Verify your email and phone number
  • Referral code: 2093dc
  • Good to go

How to log in on crowdyloan?

  • Email address
  • Password

How to get a loan on crowdyloan?

Navigate to your dashboard click on give loan and wait until you will be merged. This means no slot is available for you to merge with. Once you are merged, you will see the account number you are to make payment to.

How to withdraw on crowdyloan?

Navigate to your dashboard and click withdraw and fill in the amount you want to withdraw and click withdraw and fill in your bank detail correctly to receive your payment.

How does crowdyloan work?

You are to register on the platform, verify your phone number and email and give a loan of 1000 naira. You will be merged to make the payment to another member on the platform.

Once your payment has been approved you will be given 5000 naira within 5 minutes but before you can withdraw that 5000 naira you have to have 5 referrals before you can withdraw your funds. Once you have successfully withdrawn the 5000 naira they will upgrade you to level 2 to invest 10000 naira.

How to earn on crowdyloan?

Is a peer-to-peer lending platform where all members start with just 1000 naira and earn up to 160000 naira in a month. There are 6 levels of loans and all members are to start from level 1.

Level 1

  1. Deposit amount: 1000 naira
  2. Receiver amount: 5000 naira
  3. Duration:  5 minutes

Level 2

  1. Deposit amount: 5000 naira
  2. Receiver amount: 10000 naira
  3. Duration:  2 days

Level 3

  1. Deposit amount: 8000 naira
  2. Receiver amount: 16000 naira
  3. Duration:  4 days

Level 4

  1. Deposit amount: 14000 naira
  2. Receiver amount: 28000 naira
  3. Duration:  6 days

Level 5

  1. Deposit amount: 25000 naira
  2. Receiver amount: 50000 naira
  3. Duration:  8 days

Level 6

  1. Deposit amount: 40000 naira
  2. Receiver amount: 80000 naira
  3. Duration:  10 days

Level 7

  1. Deposit amount: 70000 naira
  2. Receiver amount: 140000 naira
  3. Duration:  12 days

Level 8

  1. Deposit amount: 120000 naira
  2. Receiver amount: 240000 naira
  3. Duration:  14 days

Level 9

  1. Deposit amount: 200000 naira
  2. Receiver amount: 400000 naira
  3. Duration:  16 days

Level 10

  1. Deposit amount: 360000 naira
  2. Receiver amount: 720000 naira
  3. Duration:  18 days

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Is my money safe?

According to crowdyloan is a decentralized platform. This means that members give directly to each other in return for interest. It’s totally possible for the platform to run away with your money.

Is crowdyloan legit or a scam?

The platform has not been verified legit or a scam because there is no payment proof about the platform yet neither has anyone been scam on the platform.

If you want to give a trial on the platform invest what you are comfortable with losing. If you have experience with this platform do not hesitate to leave a comment below to improve other users that are likely to earn with the platform.

Referral commission

Pays you 10% of the referral commission every time your direct referrals given a loan. Direct referrals are people that joined the platform with your registration link.

If your indirect referral refers another user to join the platform you will earn a commission of 5% anytime your indirect is given a loan.

 How much can I earn on crowdyloan?

According to the platform you can earn from 5000 naira to 720000 naira with a deposit amount of 1000 naira to 80000 naira that is a huge profit within the duration of 5 minutes to 10 days depends on the levels you joined.


Crowdyloan is a Nigeria peer-to-peer system that offers loans to registered members providing financial aid to each other without the risk of losing their funds.

Before you apply for a loan you have to sign up for an account and verify your registration. Once your account has been verified you can apply for a loan of 1000 naira and you will be merged to another member on the platform to make payment to.

They offer different stages of level to registered members on the platform you have to start from level 1 before you will upgrade to the next level.

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I am Joe from Nigeria founder of I am active user of many Faucet sites and PTC sites. I also make reviews in other online income sites and search for better earning opportunities. In my posts content you will find more information about my earning opportunities and how to make money online.

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Ikediashi denis

I need ur help


Hello, how may I help you?

Ikediashi denis

for the past five days now I’ve been trying to collect my verification code from you guys and you guys have not sent it to me that was why I sent you that message I need help for my phone number have received the one for my email is asking me the one for the phone number that I use and register with you guys


Use this link to register your account. Have in mind that risk is at own risk invest wisely.

Henry okon Effiong

Please I want to know how legit is this site?


Invest what you can afford to lose when it comes to online investment.


Ebelebe……! Meaning the platform is not legit, it is fake….una well done scammers


Thanks for your review of the platform.


Have given a loan and have been trying to withdraw my money since yesterday but is not going whet is happening oo.


How much do you invest?




So sorry about that tell us your rating toward the site it’s legit or a scam.

Henry okon Effiong

Please have you been able to withdraw?


I only make a review about the platform to take your own decision.


I paid but it showing in paid


Do you receive your payment?


I will like to ask this simply question how can you earn a withdraw point…
Cos I got 5000 on my wallet after I give out loan but have not been able to withdraw from my crowdyloan account asking me to have a withdraw point how am I going to go about it ….


How many withdrawal points are they requesting from you?


Your point determine your withdraw…
If you have one withdraw point you are entitled to withdraw 1000naira




So how do I get withdrawal point…
Could you please give us solution to this prob…


Have you reach the minimum withdrawal limit of 5000 naira in your account.


You refer people bro.
That’s how you get your points.


Yes but the platform is not paying anymore.


They didn’t mention the point needed…


Before you withdraw for your referral earnings do you have more than 1000 naira in your account? That is the only way you can withdraw your referral points.


@Dayourtropist you earn withdrawal point by referring a new member who has also given loan of 1k
For everyone that registers under you (active) you earn a withdrawal point


Thanks for your opportunity to make this review.


I have make about 4 refferals and I believe so much well that if they didn’t give out loan you can’t earn an interest on them… Have earn interest and am yet to have withdraw point… So confusing…
And if this is what they really wanted it should have been on the dashboard so as to read before given loan…


If they didn’t pay you how will you rate the platform legit or a scam.

Blessing Stafford

Woah the platform is legit.


Please can you show your withdrawal proof?


Legit you say… Don’t be scammed… Please just ignore this site…


Some people are lucky to receive payment from this platform while some are not lucky at all.

Alhassan Mohammed

Please I need help, one of my referral wanted to give a loan but they have not verify his phone number
Pls what does that mean and how can the problem be solved


Please tell him to change his phone number on his dashboard profile maybe that can solve the problem.


God will surely punish u scammers you will all die before this year ends. Dont listen to them. It’s a scam. They won’t pay u. They’ve just scammed me. It won’t go well with you people


Lol anything online nah scam


Dont mind them. They will not verify it because he is using your refferal code. They won’t pay u bro. Scammers


Never do any Peer to peer stuffs. Once you finished paying, they will ask you to pay some more money for update, merging and validation. After paying, they will block your account.
I was scammed by fund recycle.
The people they will merge you with are people working for them. Never fall for this scam if you love yourself!


Thanks for your awesome review I really appreciate your review.

Solomon Offiong

I’m about to try the websites whether is legit or scam


Invest what you can afford to risk.

Hassan adedayo

Sir pls help me out how will I get a withdrawal point


Request for withdrawal they will merge you with someone to pay you.

Hassan adedayo

Pls I need your help on my withdrawal point
How will I get that pls


How many withdrawal points do you how


The platform is legit for now because they have paid me
You need to understand how it works before you can start complaining.
You can not withdraw the 5k until you refer 5 people who will in turn give loan too
That’s how to earn your withdrawal points

Emaba Divine

This platform is crazy!!!
We were not told about withdrawal point oo
Is after giving the loan we saw withdrawal point
I laugh coz this platform will crash


Let me know how much you are withdrawing first.


Sir I withdraw since yesterday they havent given me. A merge yet sir why you . This is my 40k I need to go to level 5 because I need the 80 k


No one has applied to give a loan of 40k yet. So you have to wait until someone will apply to give a loan of 40k.

Ngozi Elizabeth Chioma

Good day… please I withdraw since yesterday till now have not paid, ND have sent Message to the email no response… please do something about it so I can be able to move to the next level… please it taking longer… hope there is no problem….


Have you be merged.

Ngozi Elizabeth Chioma

No I haven’t been merge


In crowdyloan will have a main balance and a growing balance. At of does two places which of them your earning is exists on main balance or growing balance. If your earning is on a growing balance you can withdraw it until it reflects on the main balance that is the only time that you can withdraw it.

Ngozi Elizabeth Chioma

The money was on my main balance and I clicked withdraw…it been two days now that I clicked withdraw and it is saying pending…..not merge yet… please the merging is taking time…my 40k is pending since two days… please help me to do something about it so I can re invest, it taking time..


Nobody has requested to give a loan that is what I am thinking. If someone is ready to give you a loan they will merge you with someone to pay you. Just still be with them in case they pay you do not invest again the site is turning into a scam investment.

Ngozi Elizabeth Chioma

Thanks so much…I will be waiting.. please incase you know the admin not anyone working with them.. this is my email…
Phone number 08106423049.. please let them merge me quick.. bcus I will reinvest..I believe they are real for now..may God give them strength to run the platform very well…thank you.


You should get paid first before thinking to reinvest.

Shonubi adedayo

Hello, I have been trying to withdraw 10k, it was pending since June 12, waiting for the system to merge me.


The platform is no longer working anymore if you request to withdraw you will not be merge. When do you invest that money?

Shonubi adedayo

I. Invest last week Thursday with 5k, I now try to withdraw 10k after 2days, the money is already there, I click on withdraw, but the system said I shld wait, for merging.


The platform stops paying for the last 2 weeks. Don’t invest anymore the platform is a scam platform.

Eke Ginini Elemi

How can someone get a withdrawal point?


You have to invite 5 users with your referral link to have your withdrawal point

Sanni Ibrahim

How can I activate my banned account back


The old account is no longer working unless the new account is.


Please is the platform still paying


Please avoid this platform

Deborah Christopher

Someone will send money for someone and the person will not confirm it after receiving the money is not good oo the company should do something about it

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