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Coinpayu review 2021 tutorial guide legit or scam

Coinpayu is a (PTC) paid to click website that paid users on viewing advertisements or doing offers.

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Ref – Commission
Roll Faucet
Withdraw Limit
Accepted Countries
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Faucetpay, Payeer

Coinpayu review

Coinpayu is a (PTC) paid-to-click website that paid users on viewing advertisements or doing offers. The platform is not a full-time job that users are not expected to earn a thousand dollars from.

Coinpayu paid little money but it’s a legit platform that users can play around with at their own convenient time.

Users have to be patient because most of the earning opportunities they offer are the very low reward of earning. Some people take it as a waste of time because it’s paying at a very low rate but it’s so far legit.

In my own point of view, coinpayu is not a bad site if you are looking for a website to earn free bitcoins compare to other (PTC) paid-to-click sites. Now I am going to share with you the amazing stuff about this coinpayu platform you need to know.

Domain registration

Coinpayu was created in the year 2017-06-09 which domain name will expire in the year 2023-06-09 but can be updated to more years.

How to join coinpayu?

  • Visit: Coinpayu
  • Fill out the form
  • Verify your email
  • Good to go

How to withdraw on coinpayu?

Coinpayu offers different kinds of withdrawal method which is bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin, litecoin, faucetpay, and payeer. Their payment method is being processed within 3 business working days. Users are not expected to request a withdrawal at weekends.

The minimum withdrawal is 0.00010000 satoshi, but it changes depending on the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw. Before you made any withdrawal you must insert your wallet address on coinpayu you can do that in your profile.

Here is a little table that shows the withdrawal transaction below.

Mini withdrawal Fee
10000 satoshi 800 btc
20000 satoshi 0.0025 Eth
3000 satoshi 0
4000 satoshi 0
5000 satoshi 0
3000 satoshi 0

How does coinpayu work?

Is a (PTC) paid to click site that rewards their users by viewing advertising, offer, and faucet roll. The ads are divided into three categories which is surf Ads, window Ads, and Video Ads.

Surf Ads

Users can get paid by visiting third party website. There are a lot of surf ads users have to view before they can get paid.

All you have to do view the ads it will redirect you to the third-party website for you to get paid. Before you get paid you have to follow the terms and conditions or you will not get paid.

Any of the surf ads you view have a time countdown duration some are 60 min, 30, sec it all depends on the ads you click. But before you get paid you have to wait until the time duration count to 0 before you can get paid.


Window Ads

Users can also get paid by visiting a third-party site. Window ads do not offer enough ads like surf ads. For users to earn satoshi you have to focus on the new window tab before you will get paid.

In any of the window ads, you have to wait until the time countdown before you get paid. In some of the ads, you may be required to verify if you are not a robot before you can get paid. If you didn’t get paid means, you didn’t keep to the terms and conditions of the ads you click.

Video Ads

Users can get paid by watching videos. The video ads chances are not much like surf ads and window ads. Before you can get paid you have to watch the video for the time duration attach to the video before you receive your earnings. You can keep repeating the offer each day by day.



Offers are the highest way when users can earn satoshi by completing surveys. For you to get paid on offers there are terms and conditions attach to any offer before you get paid. All you have to do is to answer the question correctly to get paid.

For users to earn high you have to put more attention to the surveys. Any of the questions users do not answer correctly you will be disqualified for that particular survey and you will not get paid.

Faucet roll

Faucet roll is another way of earning satoshi in coinpayu. For users to benefit from faucet roll you have to roll each hour. In one hour’s time, you can still repeat the process. Before you get paid on faucet roll you have to verify you are not a robot to claim your satoshi.


Referral commission

Referral commission according to their FAQ is 20% referral commission. For users to earn on referral commission you have to invite a new member to join the platform with your referral link.

Offers advertise to users where you can advertise your businesses or website. User can use their balance to purchase for advertisement or fund their account.

Types of advertisement

Surf Ads

Window Ads

Video Ads

For users to start advertising you have to fill in the necessary information below.



How much can I make on coinpayu?

You can earn up to 500 – 800 satoshi for a day. For users to earn more on this platform you have to participate in offers because the offer is the highest way of earning. Make sure you view all your (PTC) paid to click the advertisement to earn more. If you can earn up to 500 – 800 satoshi it’s not a bad site if you are looking for a way to earn free bitcoin.


Coinpayu is (PTC) paid to click websites where users can earn free bitcoin by viewing advertisements and offers. Coinpayu is a legit platform you can earn up to 500 – 800 satoshi for a day. For you to earn on an advert you have to view the third party website.

For each advert, you view you have to wait for the time countdown duration for you to get paid. If you close it before the time countdown you will not get paid.

You can still earn more on your faucet roll by rolling each hour. The referral is another way of earning on coinpayu by inviting new members to join the platform with your referral link.

Tell me how you feel about the platform in the comment section below and also subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest tips on how to earn bitcoin for free.


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I am Joe from Nigeria founder of I am active user of many Faucet sites and PTC sites. I also make reviews in other online income sites and search for better earning opportunities. In my posts content you will find more information about my earning opportunities and how to make money online.

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