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Sniggyvest is a newborn peer-to-peer lending platform where members loan each other funds in return for a commission.

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Sniggyvest review (Is legit or scam?). Read all you are expected to know about sniggyvest peer-to-peer platform that is similar to crowdyloan platform that recently fraud investors.

In this post I am going to dissect the following sniggyvest review, domain registration, who is the founder of sniggyvest, where is sniggyvest located, how to join sniggyvest, how to withdraw on sniggyvest, how does sniggyvest works, and more.

In this review I will be honest to you all I have found out about this look-alike scam platform that is similar to crowdyloan. Crowdyloan was a peer-to-peer lending platform that peers users together to loan each other loans and earn a commission.

Sniggyvest is a newborn peer-to-peer lending platform where members loan each other funds in return for a commission. It costs just 1000 naira to become a lender, and each member can earn up to 80000 naira monthly.

There is no difference between these two platforms crowdyloan and sniggyvest. Both operate in the same method of earning. But the basic fact is that sniggyvest will end up defrauding users because the platform is still being run with the same individual.

They only change the domain name but the platform is run with an anonymous characters that can never be trace if they end up defrauding users. In case you still want to take the risk invest what you can afford to lose.

Keep reading to know more about this peer-to-peer platform if you can still choose to entrust your honest hard earn money to this platform that wants to pour out empty claims.

Sniggyvest review

Sniggyvest is a platform where members loan each other funds in return for a commission. It costs just 1000 naira to become a lender, and each member can earn up to 80000 naira monthly. This is achieved with our innovative level system.

There are 5 progressive levels on Sniggyvest, and no member can risk more than 1000 naira, as everybody has to start from level 1. The above information was found on the platform.

Domain registration was created in the year 2021-10-11 which domain name will expire in the year 2022-10-11 but may likely be upgraded to more years.

Who is the founder of sniggyvest?

The founder of the platform does not disclose any information about himself or the people behind the platform. Entrusting your money on such a platform is at a higher risk of losing your money. If you invested your fund in such a platform and they decided to go offline nobody can be held for your loss.

Where is sniggyvest located?

The platform does not reveal his address because he knows that his work is wrong and it must surely end up defrauding users. Hiding his address is a better way for a scam platform to operate.

How to join sniggyvest?

  • Visit:
  • Fill in the form
  • Referral code: 1960vz
  • Verify your email
  • Good to go

How to get loan on sniggyvest?

Navigate to your dashboard click on give loan and wait until you will be merged. This means no slot is available for you to merge with. Once you are merged, you will see the account number you are to make payment to.

How to withdraw on sniggyvest?

Navigate to your dashboard and click withdraw and fill in the amount you want to withdraw and click withdraw and fill in your bank detail correctly to receive your payment. Take note before you withdraw you must have a withdrawal point which is by referring 5 other users to join the platform with your link.

How does sniggyvest work?

You are to register on sniggyvest, verify your phone number and email, and give a loan of 1000 naira. You will be merged to make the payment to another member on the platform. Once your payment has been approved, you will have 5000 naira within 5 minutes in your growing balance.

But before you can be able to withdraw your funds the money needs to be on your main balance before you can withdraw it. After making withdrawals, you can choose to upgrade.

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Level 1

  1. Deposit amount: 1000 naira
  2. Receiver amount: 5000 naira
  3. Duration:  5 minutes
  4. Withdraw and upgrade to level 2

Level 2

  1. Deposit amount: 5000 naira
  2. Receiver amount: 10000 naira
  3. Duration:  2 days
  4. Withdraw and upgrade to level 3

Level 3

  1. Deposit amount: 10000 naira
  2. Receiver amount: 20000 naira
  3. Duration:  4 days
  4. Withdraw and upgrade to level 4

Level 4

  1. Deposit amount: 20000 naira
  2. Receiver amount: 40000 naira
  3. Duration:  8 days
  4. Withdraw and upgrade to level 5

Level 5

  1. Deposit amount: 40000 naira
  2. Receiver amount: 80000 naira
  3. Duration:  16 days
  4. Withdraw your 80000 naira

Is sniggyvest legit or a scam?

The current status of this platform is new but it must surely end up defrauding users as crowdyloan. At this time of writing this review, there is no payment proof yet on the platform. You can as well leave your own contribution to this platform in the comment down below.

Referral commission

Sniggyvest pays you 10% of the referral commission every time your direct referrals are given a loan. Direct referrals are people that joined the platform with your registration link.

If your indirect referral refers another user to join the platform you will earn a commission of 5% anytime your indirect is given a loan.

How much can I earn on sniggyvest?

According to the platform you can earn from 5000 naira to 80000 naira with a deposit amount of 1000 naira. That is a huge profit within the duration of 5 minutes to 30 days depends on the levels you joined.


Writing this review is for the purpose of inexperienced users to know more about this platform. And if you have gained something valuable from this article feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.


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How can i deactivate a loan


Click on the person merge with you can cancel the merge


Must your referrals pay the 1 k before you can withdraw?


No, you must have at least 5 referrals before you can withdraw

Atoboghuku Shula

I paid to one undubuisi but her number has not been going through since yesterday

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