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Norland investment platform: Whatsapp investment program?

Norland investment platform is an offline platform that is regulated on Whatsapp with an unknown individual.

Norland investment platform read all you are expected to know about this Whatsapp investment program that pay returns on investment every 2 hours.

I will like to remain honest in this review for inexperienced investors to know what they suppose to know before investing with this Whatsapp investment program.

Just keep reading because by the end of this review you will know some important secret that is not revealing about this Whatsapp investment program.

 What is norland investment platform?

Norland investment platform is an offline platform that is regulated on Whatsapp with an unknown individual. According to their message on Whatsapp, they are a legitimate organization that gives you double of your investment within 2 hours and you can only invest one time per week.

Founder of norland investment platform

The founder is not yet revealed but you can ask them about the founder to know who you are dealing with.

Where is norland investment platform located?

Their location or address is not yet revealed but you are free to ask them about their location or address.

How to join this program?

  1. Account name
  2. Account number
  3. Bank name
  4. Amount to invest
  5. Method of payment

How to withdraw on norland investment platform?

According to their message on Whatsapp, you will receive your money directly to your local bank account within 2 hours.

How does it work?

Norland investment platforms have different kinds of investment programs that users can choose anyone that they can afford to pay. According to their Whatsapp message any of the investment plan, you choose you will receive your money within 2 hours.

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These are the package below:-

  1. 20k to get 40k
  2. 30k to get 60k
  3. 40k to get 80k
  4. 50k to get 100k
  5. 100k to get 200k
  6. 150 to get 300k
  7. 200k to get 400k
  8. 250k to get 500k
  9. 300k to get 600k
  10. 400k to get 800k
  11. 500k to get 1million
  12. 1million to get 2million
  13. 2million to get 4million

Is norland investment platform legit or a scam?

I can guarantee this Whatsapp investment program is not100% legit because the program is run anonymously. Although there is some proof of payment on the facebook page. But that does not guarantee the platform is 100% legit.

If you are interested in this Whatsapp investment program invest what you can afford to lose. Feel free to leave your opinion in the comment section below for the sake of other investors who are interested in this program.


I am concluding this review about this program that if you have any opinions about this program leave a comment in the comment section below for the benefit of others.


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