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Satoshihero review complete guide legit or scam

Satoshihero is the simplest way of earning free bitcoin without any investment.
Satoshihero review

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Ref – Commission
Faucet roll
Withdraw limit
0.0003 satoshi
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Satoshihero review

Satoshihero is the simplest way of earning free bitcoin without any investment. I have been earning with many faucet sites but I have not come across the one that is better than satoshihero.

Satoshihero offers 3 times faucet rolls to their users every 10 minutes. You may not earn up to your expectation on the platform but is secure and legit ways of earning free bitcoin.

You can use the platform at your own convenient time as far as you are registered users of satoshihero.

How to create an account?

Satoshihero does not require any skill before creating an account. Before you start earning your free bitcoin you have to have an account with satoshihero .

All you have to do is fill out the required information needed from you to have an account with satoshihero.

Once you are done creating your account with satoshihero a verification link will be sent to your email account to verify and start earning your free bitcoin.

How to withdraw from my earning?

All bitcoin earn my users are accumulated on your balance. Before users made any withdrawal you must have at least 0.0003 satoshis in your balance before you request for withdrawing.

All you have to do is to insert your valid wallet address in the withdrawal address and request for it. Once you are done with the withdrawal a confirmation link will be sent to your email to confirm your withdrawal.

All withdrawal is processed manually to your wallet address.

How does satoshihero work?

Satoshihero offered different ways of earning free bitcoin to all their users which are faucet, bitcoin game, and offer wall. Let me quickly guide you through the way to earn free bitcoin with satoshihero.


Satoshihero offered their faucet 3 times per 10 minutes. Before you earn your free bitcoin you have to solve the captcha to claim your bitcoin.

You can keep repeating the process every 10 minutes to earn your free bitcoin. The faucet is the easiest way to earn more bitcoin on satoshihero.

All you have to do is to keep to the timer every 10 minutes getting your free bitcoin.

Bitcoin game

Users can earn lots of bitcoin on their bitcoin game. Before you start playing the bitcoin games note that you are gambling with your bitcoin in your balance.

If you choose to play the game and you didn’t have enough bitcoin in your balance you can make a deposit to your balance. If you want to make a deposit a wallet address will be generated for you on the platform.

All you have to do is to copy the wallet address and make your payment to that existing address.

The game offer to you is really cool each of them is fun to play. The game also offered 4 level mystery jackpot features which may get you even higher wins than you would ever expect.

Have it in mind that the bitcoin game is the fastest way of losing your bitcoin and also the fastest way of earning more bitcoin.


The offerwall is an amazing way of earning free bitcoin all you have to do is to choose any offer you like to participate in.

You can be recommended to check offerwall from your mobile or from your computer. You can earn thousand of satoshi per one offer.

Note most of the time offer rewards will be added to your balance instantly. But sometimes your rewards may be added to your pending balance for 30 days until it will be review before added to your balance.

Before you get your reward you need to answer the question correctly or you will never get your reward.

What is the referral commission?

The referral is the easier way of earning free bitcoin. For you to earn free bitcoin from your referral you have to refer more users to join satoshihero .

If you have more referrals you can earn lots of bitcoin from each referral you have. Satoshihero referral commission is 50% to all their users and commission is rewarded instantly.

Referrals are easy to get all you have to do is to share some idea about the platform and post it on your social media account.

If you do this, believe me, you will have many referrals because many people out there are looking for a way to earn free bitcoin.

How much earn I make?

Users can real earn thousand of free bitcoin for satoshihero per day. All you need to do is to be serious on the platform by participating in the entire offer they offered to you.

You can earn up to 300 to 400 satoshi for a day. The only thing is for you to be patient with your earning.


Satoshihero is a simple way of earning free bitcoin. You can claim free bitcoin from their faucet roll 3 times per 10 minutes. Is not only their faucet you can earn free bitcoin from you can also earn by playing bitcoin games.

Before you start playing the game on satoshihero you must have enough bitcoin on your balance because you are playing the game from your balance.

You can earn lots of bitcoin from the bitcoin game also you can lose lots of bitcoin from the bitcoin game. It is most essential to refer more users to join satoshihero with your referral link.

You can earn 50% of the referral commission from your referral.

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