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Naver review legit or scam check out

Naver is an online platform task that pays users 80 naira to carry out 1 daily task either on youtube, twitter, facebook, instagram with a free sign-up bonus of 800 naira.

Register now at naver

Naver review (Is legit or scam?). Read all you are expected to know before making a decision to join the platform or not. In this review will are going to talk about on the following sub-categories naver review, domain registration, who is the CEO of naver, where is naver located, how to join naver, how to withdraw on the plstform, how does naver work, and more.

Thank you for joining me today as I take a depth look at how this platform operates to know the negative and positive sides of the platform if it’s a waste of your time.

In this post today you will find out on naver legit or scam check out to know if you can still decide to start earning money and generating savings by using this platform let get started.

Naver review

Naver is an online platform task that pays users 80 naira to carry out 1 daily task either on youtube, twitter, facebook, instagram with a free sign-up bonus of 800 naira. Once you have registered you will get 800 naira in your account to complete 1 daily task to earn a commission. You can join their vip packages to earn more daily tasks.

Domain registration was created in the year 2021-04-21 which domain name will expire in the year 2022-04-21 but can be updated to more years.

Who is the CEO of

The CEO of this platform still remains unknowable because he didn’t want him to be recognized in case if the platform turns into a fraudulent site no one can comprehend. That why remaining unknowable is a better way to prevent it not to be recognized.

Where is naver located?

Will only know that is located in Nigeria. No further information about their location or address but proving their address on the platform should make them look more legit than hiding their address.

Contact Us

Users can get in touch with naver of WhatsApp if you have any complain you want them to handle for you.

How to join naver?

  • Visit:
  • Fill out the form
  • Invitation code: 535997
  • Good to go

How to log in on naver?

  • Phone number
  • Password

How to deposit on naver?

Once you are on the dashboard click on deposit and enter the amount you want to deposit and copy the account details provided for you on the platform and make your payment. Once you have complete making your payment upload proof of your payment to submit your transaction.

How to withdraw on naver?

First, navigate to me and click on the wallet and click on set withdrawal account and enter your bank details correctly.

Withdrawal time opening hours are from 9:00 am to 18:00 pm, members are allowed to initiate withdrawal only once a day.

The minimum withdrawal amount depends on the following 4500 naira for free vip, 800 naira for vip1, 4000 naira for vip2, 14000 naira for vip3, 32000 naira for vip4, 65000 naira for vip5.

How does naver work? pays their user to complete a task either by youtube, twitter facebook, instagram to earn a commission. New registered members will be ranked as free vip with a bonus of 800 naira as a complimentary gift that you can use to carry out 1 daily task in a day.

Each rank of vip corresponds to a different number of tasks per day, as well as a different amount of bonus for each task. The higher rank of your vip, the more bonus you will earn as well as a higher of return for each task.

Naver provides vip membership service ranked as free vip, vip1, vip2, vip3, vip4, vip5.

Free vip

  1. Subscription fee: 0 naira
  2. Daily revenue: 80 naira
  3. Daily task: 1
  4. Require balance: 800 naira
  5. Minimum withdraw: 4500 naira


  1. Subscription fee: 880 naira
  2. Daily revenue: 200 naira
  3. Daily task: 2
  4. Require balance: 3000 naira
  5. Minimum withdraw: 800 naira


  1. Subscription fee: 6000 naira
  2. Daily revenue: 1050 naira
  3. Daily task: 5
  4. Require balance: 3000 naira
  5. Minimum withdraw: 800 naira


  1. Subscription fee: 20000 naira
  2. Daily revenue: 3870 naira
  3. Daily task: 9
  4. Require balance: 5000 naira
  5. Minimum withdraw: 14000 naira


  1. Subscription fee: 40000 naira
  2. Daily revenue: 7800 naira
  3. Daily task: 10
  4. Require balance: 100000 naira
  5. Minimum withdraw: 32000 naira


  1. Subscription fee: 80000 naira
  2. Daily revenue: 1650 naira
  3. Daily task: 15
  4. Require balance: 200000 naira
  5. Minimum withdraw: 65000 naira

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Is legit or a scam?

The current status of is new. At this time I can’t qualify the platform as legit or a scam because there has been no payment proof yet on the platform. If you know that this platform has defrauded you leave a comment below in the comment section to educate more users about the platform.

Referral commission

You can use your referral link to invite newcomers to join naver to earn 50 naira commission per referral you invite.

How much can I earn on naver?

The higher rank of your vip, the more bonus you will earn, as well a higher rate of return.

Summary is a platform that pays the user to carry out specific task either on youtube, twitter, facebook, instagram to earn 80 naira commission with your sign-up bonus of 800 naira.

As a registered member, you will rank for free vip to carry out 1 daily task to earn your commission. You can still invest in the vip package to get more daily tasks in a day.

I hope you have known the negative and positive side of this platform why not share with friends on social media and also subscribe to our newsletter to get our upcoming blog post.

Feel free to tell us your experience with this platform in the comment section below.


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I am Joe from Nigeria founder of I am active user of many Faucet sites and PTC sites. I also make reviews in other online income sites and search for better earning opportunities. In my posts content you will find more information about my earning opportunities and how to make money online.

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[…] Why not also read this Naver review legit or scam check out […]

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