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Lobto review 2021 platform fake or legit

Lobto is a cryptocurrency cloud mining that claims to be financial freedom to investors but they are a scam platform.

 Scam Alert

Ref – Commission
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Perfect Money, Bitcoin


Thanks for your opportunity for reviewing this platform before having an account with them. There are lots of ideas that I love to share with you on this platform. So it will be left for you if you still choose to invest your money on the platform or not.

Make sure you read the entire article from beginning to end so that you can know how lobto platform works or operates. Let me quickly work you through everything you need to know about

Lobto review

Lobto is a cryptocurrency cloud mining that claims to be financial freedom to investors but they are a scam platform. The platform enriches itself with people’s money promises investors huge turnover cashback.

Most information found on the platform like total accounts, total deposits, total withdrawal, visitors online are all forges my lobto. The number of withdrawals you found on lobto is to prove to you they appeal real but all are forges.

For you not to be a victim on lobto you don’t have to interact with them on live chat because they mine to convince you to join and invest your money.

So it is not necessary to interact with them. I know the way the platform is design is so much convincing to invest money on but it is not what you think you will see at the end.

Domain registration

Lobto was registered in the year 2020-06-11 which domain name will expire in the year 2021-06-11. Only their domain registration year proves to you they are not a legit investment company.

There is no legit investment company that claim to help people to get financial freedom online that will be registered their domain for just one year

I know that they prove their certificate company number to prove to users they are legit. Lobto provides fake information on the platform and there is no founder of lobto.

How does lobto work?

Lobto has many investment packages plans. Their investment package plan is base on what you want to invest in. This is how their investment selected plan works.

7% daily for 30 days

This means if you invest $100 you will be earning $7 daily profit. After 30 days your total earning will be $210.

11% daily for 30 days

This means if you invest $500 you will be earning a daily profit of $11. After 30 days your total earning will be $16500.

150% after 1 day

This means if you invest $7500 you will earning $187500 after 1 day.

250% after 1 day

This means if you invest $250000 you will earn $625000 after 1 day.

Lobto representative program

Their representative program work for those who want to become affiliated marketing.

There are requirements needed for the representative program which you need to invest $5000 or more in your account.

But if you can invest $5000 in your account you can refer the person with your referral link that will invest $5000 under you for you to participate in lobto representative program.

Note that the representative program is not mandatory. If you do not participate in the representative program you will still earn your standard referral commission.

How it’s representative program profitable?

  • Users can earn $250 per active referral from the representative program.
  • Representative program can still earn standard referral commission 5% – 3% – 2% to their $250 per active referral earning.

Referral commission

Users can earn up to 10% referral commission if you are inviting new people to register with lobto with your referral link.

In case if one of your referrals invests at least $500 on lobto your account will be credited instantly with $25.

If that particular refer you invite happens to invite another refer and the refer invest $500 you will also earn $15 instantly to your account.

If the second referral happens to refer someone else again and the user made a deposit of $500 you will receive $10 from that referral.

Is lobto legit or a scam?

No lobto is not a legit investment platform that you cannot invest your money on. Lobto is a scam website that promises users huge turnover cashback that can never fall fill to their promises.

Investing your money on lobto is a high risk of losing your money because you can never get that money back. Never should you be convinced with their payment proofs.

They only put the payment proof to prove to users they are a legit investment company but they are a scam Investment Company.

I see something on the platform about their latest investments and latest withdrawals those information are forge on lobto.

They only show that proof to prove to you they are paying investors under lobto for you to invest your money.

Please do not be a victim among the ones that will fall into the hand of this fake investment company. A word is enough for the wise.


Lobto is a scam website that claims to redeem users for financial freedom. The platform was created in the year 2020 that claims to have many numbers of investors and thousand of withdrawals.

Lobto forge fake information on the platform to show to users they are a legit investment company. I know to make wealth is not an easy thing do not use the love of money to fall into the hand of the scammer.


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I am Joe from Nigeria founder of I am active user of many Faucet sites and PTC sites. I also make reviews in other online income sites and search for better earning opportunities. In my posts content you will find more information about my earning opportunities and how to make money online.

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