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Share on pinterest review (Is legit or scam?) is a faucet site that wants to reward users handsomely whenever they complete tasks on the platform either by (PTC) or tasks and more. review (Is legit or scam?). Read all you are expected to know about this faucet site.

Each day that past there are lots of income platforms launch on the internet making all sorts of claims of earning. That you can earn money right in the comfort zone of your home without spending a dime.

Most of does work from the home platforms are just total waste of time and only a few once are profitable.

Just keep reading to know more about this faucet site if it’s legit or a total waste of time. By the end of this article, you will decide that for yourself if you can still go ahead and sign-up for an account with this platform. review is a faucet site that wants to reward users handsomely whenever they complete tasks on the platform either by (PTC) or tasks and more.

The more users complete tasks on the platform the more user will earn. Their tasks are really easy to use and do not require any trained skill before earning from their task.

Domain registration was created in the year 2021-06-15 which domain name will expire in the year 2022-06-15 which can still be updated to more years.

How to join

It’s very simple and straightforward. All you are to do is visit and fill in the form to open up your free account.

How to withdraw on

The minimum withdrawal is 15000000 tokens which are going to send to your receiving destination address.

How does work?

Before you start earning your token on this platform you must carry out all the tasks provided on the platform. The more you are using the platform the more chances of increasing your level up.

There are lots of many ways that you can earn tokens on the platform either by manual faucet/auto faucet, task, ptc, and lots more.

Manual faucet/auto faucet

Users can use the manual faucet to earn free token by verifying the recatpcha each time he uses the manual faucet. For the auto faucet you are not expected to verify the recatpcha before you can earn. There is no limit of earning on the manual faucet and the auto faucet.


There are lots of ways users can earn tokens from their task either make one video and publish it on youtube, create your fast Blogspot, and more. There are terms and conditions that follow the task. All you are to do is follow the instruction so that you can earn your free task token.

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Before the user earns the token on (Ptc) you are expected to wait for the time duration to count till the end. Before you will earn your free token on (Ptc). If the user does not allow the time countdown to finish before closing the task you will not earn your free token.

Is legit or a scam?

You can contribute to the information on this page. If you have dealt with this business, how would you rate it?

Please share your experience by leaving a comment down below. Whether you got in touch with this platform or thinking of doing business with it feels free to comment.

Referral commission

Invite newcomers to join the platform and earn 50% of their commission whenever they use your referral link to join the platform.

Can I get rich on

You can earn reasonable earning on as long you are serious with the platform. But you can get rich from this platform or earn more than your monthly salary. The platform is just serving as side hustle income not gets rich income.


I hope you gained something valuable from this blog post. Why not subscribe to our newsletter to get more update about more faucet sites.


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I am Joe from Nigeria founder of I am active user of many Faucet sites and PTC sites. I also make reviews in other online income sites and search for better earning opportunities. In my posts content you will find more information about my earning opportunities and how to make money online.

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