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Faivirtual review (Is legit or scam?) check out

Faivirtual or fai is a new virtual digital currency that investors trade against other currencies as changes occur in their values.

Faivirtual review (Is faivirtual legit or a scam?). Read all you are expected to know about this virtual currency. In this review, I am going to dissect the following faivirtual review, domain registration, who is the CEO of faivirtual, faivirtual address, how to join faivirtual, faivirtual withdrawal, how does faivirtual works, and more.

As will all know the internet is rife with scam investment every day that is claiming you can earn money right in the comfort zone of your home. Majority of this work from the home platform is some much annoying that you can never make a profit from rather than waste time.

And this makes it very difficult for users to believe in a legitimate platform because the number of scams is increasing day by day. The more the numbers of scams are increasing the more users are fallen on their victim.

That is why it’s highly recommendable for a user to make research on its own before entrusting your money to a scam platform.  Majority of platforms are just looking for users that they will use to increase their financial status.

Why adding problem to inexperience investor that thinks their dream will come through once they invested with the platform. Let find out if this platform will be a notorious platform that will end up disappointing users which may surely occur.

Faivirtual review

Faivirtual or fai is a new virtual digital currency that investors trade against other currencies as changes occur in their values. Trading fai is secure and fast, they operate on a peer-to-peer basis that is all transactions are done by and within traders only.

Faivirtual is here to stay and keeps going up against other currencies as more investors find the innovation impressive and comfortable thereby investing more on a daily.

Domain registration

Faivirtual was registered in the year 2021-09-26 which domain name will expire in the year 2022-09-26 which can still be updated to more years.

Who is the CEO of faivirtual?

Scam can never reveal the name of the CEO because they know that they will surely end up defrauding innocent users. Try as much as possible to avoid notorious platforms that hide the identity of himself or the people behind the platform. They are never favorable to investors they only have the benefit for themselves.

Address of faivirtual

There is no address or location on the platform. In case if you have any questions to ask you can contact them via WhatsApp number and wait in vain for a response. A legitimate platform will have a good miss of communication to his or her client, not WhatsApp. These are the favorite way for scammers to operate.

How to join faivirtual?

How to withdraw on faivirtual?

All withdrawals are sent directly to your local bank account. All you are to do is to fill in your account in the withdrawal form. The minimum withdrawal amount is 3000 naira and all withdrawal is weekly bases.

How does faivirtual work?

It’s simple and easy to buy fai today while the rate to naira is lower and then sell a few days, weeks, months, years. For example let say 1fai is equal to 10 naira today and you bought about 1000 pieces of fai (that’s investing about 10000 naira). Since the price of fai rises daily against naira it can become 50 naira per fai about one or two weeks.

If fai would be selling at 50 naira and you have previously purchased 1000 fai at the rate of 100 fai. You will make a huge profit. You can decide to buy some more fai at the rate of 50 naira and sell again later when the price is higher.

How to buy or sell fai?

You can easily get people who want to buy or sell fai from facebook groups. You can also buy or sell fai on the platform.

Referral commission

Apart from trading of fai, you can also earn free money by allowing new users to sign-up with your unique link. They do not need to register before you earn. Get paid 100 naira for each click on your link.

Is faivirtual legit or a scam?

The current status of this platform is new. But with the promises of this platform is sound so fake that they can never keep to their promises. If you know that this platform is not a scam or legit please feel free to leave proof in the comment section below.

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How much can I earn?

If the platform can keep to its promise you can make a reasonable amount of money. But I doubt the platform because of its huge offer to users. How can someone just click on your link without even signing up and earn 100 naira it sound foolish?


Was this article useful to you if you gain something useful from this article? Feel free to leave a comment down below how you feel about this platform. And also subscribe to our newsletter to get more gists on how to make money online.


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[…] Also, read this faivirtual review […]

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