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Hi, I’m Joe and this is my story…

Before I discovered what I’m about to reveal to you today, I struggle to find this strategy.

My name is Joe

I went to college for 2 years and I figured it wasn’t for me so I decided not to forward my education.

I used to work a 9-5 job for a year and I hated the early mornings and the task every single day as an airbag manufacturer.

I had no previous certifications or degree

I’m an ordinary person just like you

Before I learned about how to make money online, I struggled for years on my own trying to figure out how to create a full-time income online. I tried so many several ways, and to be honest, I nearly gave up.

But luckily one day my research led me to affiliate marketing and my new business mentor and partner Jonathan Montoya.

When I decided to take Jonathan 3 day’s business builder challenge, I can finally say I’m consistently generating a profitable online income that pays me 24 hours on autopilot.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that it’s not hard to learn and is easy to get started even for new beginners.

What’s amazing about the 3 days challenge is that the training only costs the sum amount of $7 but what it teaches you is worth more than you can imagine.

Click Here to take full action review (Is legit or scam?). Read all you are expected to know about this entity that offer 1000 naira as a sign-up bonus.

In this post will are going to discuss the following review domain registration, who is the CEO of bitsegal, where is located, how to join, how to withdraw on, how does works, and more.

As will all know the rate of Ponzi scheme investment are increasing every day on the internet with lots of amazing offer they offer on the platform.

In case you have not heard about the Ponzi scheme investment is an investment that makes all sorts of claims that will lure investors to put in their money and pour empty claims to users.

Any Ponzi scheme investment site is not favorable to users they are only favorable to the creator of the platform. It’s very difficult for users to be profitable from Ponzi scheme investment.

Ponzi scheme investment offers lots of promises that they can never fill to users. You should never be convincing with their sign-up bonus because that is how they operate. They use the sign-up bonus they offer to deceive users to invest money on their platform and get away with your money without anybody noticing.

For you to avoid Ponzi scheme investment you must make sure that you make your own research first before investing in any Ponzi scheme investment. Many investors just jump in an online investment without making research and they will end up losing their money to scammers.

So let find out on review if this platform will stay for long or not since the numbers of Ponzi schemes are increasing every day on the internet. review is a mining pool platform whereby users can purchase mining machine power. Each of the mining machine power has a duration of contract they last. Before you start earning on the platform you are to purchase any of the mining pool machines. The platform offers various mining pool machines that users can choose anyone that they can afford to invest in.

Domain registration

Bitsegal was created in the year 2021-11-15 which domain name will expire in the year 2022-11-15 which can be updated to more years.

Who is the CEO of bitsegal?

The platform is regulated by an unknown individual that does not provide any official information about himself or the team behind the platform.

Where is located?

Bitsegal does not provide any official details about their location or address. However, scam platforms operate in that way so you should not be surprised about their anonymous address.

How to join

  • Visit:
  • Fill in the form
  • Invitation code: 1538562
  • Good to go

How to deposit on

Once you have access to your dashboard clicks on the wallet and click on deposit and enter the desired amount you want to deposit. And make payment to the account details provided on the platform.

How to withdraw on

Once you have access to your dashboard clicks on the wallet and click on add a bank account and fill in the form appropriately. Return back to withdraw and enter the amount you want to withdraw.

How does work?

Bitsegal is a mining pool machine platform that offers various kinds of contracts for users to mining. For all new members are rewarded with visual money of 1000 naira bonus that can be used to invest in bitsegal mining pool.

For any of the contracts that users invest in you have to wait for the time limit before you can withdraw your funds. The platform has a mining machine plan that you can deposit on to earn a higher income.

 Antminer D7-1286GH/s

  1. Price: 2000 naira
  2. Daily income: 144 naira
  3. Contract period: 7 days

Antminer Z15-420KSol/s

  1. Price: 5000 naira
  2. Daily income: 216 naira
  3. Contract period: 30 days

Pool 4 Antminer Z15-420KSol/s

  1. Price: 20000 naira
  2. Daily income: 960 naira
  3. Contract period: 30 days

Antminer DR5-35TH/s

  1. Price: 50000 naira
  2. Daily income: 2640 naira
  3. Contract period: 30 days

Pool 2 Antminer DR5-35 TH/s

  1. Price: 100000 naira
  2. Daily income: 5520 naira
  3. Contract period: 30 days

Is legit or a scam?

The current status of this platform is new and there is no payment proof on the platform. If you have any experiences with this platform feel free to leave it in the comment section below.

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Referral commission

The platform offers 3 stages of referral commission which are level 1 to level 3. You can invite friends to join the platform with your link and earn a commission.


Thank you for your time in going through this review. I hope you gain something useful from this article. Feel free to leave a comment down below if you have any opinions about this platform.

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I am Joe from Nigeria founder of I am active user of many Faucet sites and PTC sites. I also make reviews in other online income sites and search for better earning opportunities. In my posts content you will find more information about my earning opportunities and how to make money online.

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