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Forextradenest review (Is legit or scam?). Read all you are expected to know about this unregulated broker.
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Forextradenest review (Is legit or scam?). Read all you are expected to know about this unregulated broker. This post will are going to navigate through the following forextradenest review, domain review, CEO of forextradenest, address of forextradenest, how to withdraw, how does fake broker works, and more.

With the look at the interface of this broker, there is no doubt about this broker that is not regulated with any forex agency. And any broker that is not regulated with any agency is not advisable to involve your money in such broker. There are lots of red flags that make this broker look so fakes.

This unregulated broker is operated by an unknown individual that makes it a scam. There is no need of trying to trade with this platform because you can never be profitable with an anonymous platform. Forex trade nest is an unregulated platform that offers automated trading software that is not profitable.

Trading with an unregulated broker is not favorable and not protected. There is a high chance that they will end up getting away with your honest money and no regulating agency that will hold them for that.

Forextradenest review

According to the platform, Forex Trade Nest was founded by a group of dedicated professionals with over two decades of solid experience in capital markets. The company is headquartered in Cyprus providing access to Forex, Spot Metal, and CFD trading for individuals and institutional clients worldwide.

Forex Trade Nest offers various account types, a world-class trading platform, and trading tools to suit the needs of clients. Forex Trade Nest is a serious player in the forex business and prides itself on offering clients a service that is unambiguously transparent. Forex Trade Nest adheres to the strict policy that all client funds are kept fully segregated in reputable banks. The above information was seen on the platform.

Domain review

Forextradenest was registered in the year 2021-08-11 which domain name will expire in the year 2022-08-11 which can still be updated to more years

CEO of forextradenest

The platform does not reveal the name of the CEO and that makes it so fake broker. Because any investor likes to deal with know characters, not unknown characters. Such a platform is not secure for trade to execute a trade on.

Address of forextradenest

Forex trade nest provides an address on the platform showing Semenyih Selangor Malaysia but the entity claims to be authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), with the license number 226/14.

How to withdraw?

Unregulated brokers are very difficult to withdraw your money from. No need of has a deal with an unregulated broker because you can never have your money back.

Try to learn from people’s experiences do not to use the love of money to lose your money. You know is not easy to make money talk less of losing it to a scammer.

How does a fake broker work?

Basically, they use cheap tricks to lure investors with crazy discounts. Whenever a broker is not regulated do not have the mind of putting your hard-earned money on it. Unregulated brokers are at a higher risk of losing your money. They are not questionable and answerable to anybody in case if they misuse investor’s funds.

They will offer enticing deals that will sound so good as if it is the best way of making money. They make sure that you fall for their victim. Never should you be deceived with their enticing package of offer because, in the end, they will pure empty claims to investors.

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Forex trade nest safe

Forex trade nest does not guarantee your funds are safe. Accordingly, funds are at risk and also you should consider the factors before putting your money and your personal data. There is no information that shows the individual managing people’s funds.

They do not provide any bank detail that shows your funds are safe. The founder of this broker may keep investors’ funds in his or her personal use. While you are hoping for your profit that will never come to you. They do not offer any refund policy transaction that you can use to claim your funds back.

How can I recover my money back?

If you have already depths with this broker my investing your money with them. All you are to do is to ask for a refund back but if they refuse or did not reply to your text. The first you are to do is to perform a chargeback by contacting your card provider.

Tell them that you were deceived or convince by an unregulated broker that is not regulated by any broker agency. That you need your funds back but they refuse to return back your funds. That is the best method of getting back your money. Make sure that you keep your payment proof intact and the email that you have been used to ask for your refund back.

Is forextradenest legit or a scam?

As long as the platform is not regulated by any agency you have the chance of losing your money to scammers. If you have any opinion about this broker feels free to leave a comment down.


Writing a review about this broker is a better way to save as many people that are really interested in this unregulated broker know how this broker works. If you find this article useful why not subscribe to our newsletter to get more information about unregulated brokers like this. And also share our articles with friends and love ones.

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