Qubittech.ai review 2020 full tutorial guide legit or scam

High Yield Investment Program

High risk
Minimum withdraw
10 usdt
Accepted countries
Bitcoin, Ethereum

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Qubittech.ai review

Qubittech.ai is an online investment company that investors can make huge profit turnover in the financial market.

Qubittech is a (HYIP) high yield investment program.

Domain registration

Qubittech.ai was created in the year 2020-06-02 by a group of experts in the algorithm of the financial market.

Qubittech is located in Panama (PA) founder by Greg Limon.

How to withdraw from Qubittech?

The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 usdt withdrawal is available in bitcoin and ethereum.

The withdraw process usually takes up to 30 minutes.

But in some cases, it can take up to 72 hours due to the heavy load of blockchain network.

Qubittech recommends that users should not cancel withdrawal requests unnecessarily as this may lead to the recreation of the request and an increase in the waiting time.

Any award and bonuses can be withdrawn every day.

About Qubittech.ai

Qubittech implies the creation of its own unified ecosystem based on quantum technologies, as well as the distribution of platform resources among its users.

Its primary mission of qubittech is to provide its users with effective ways to receive royalty payments.

Qubittech as well as to grant its users exclusive access to its strategic partner platforms.

According to the statistics of qubittech is to reach a platform capitalization value of 10 billion usdt and grow its user base to more than 10,000,000 users by 2025.

Qubittech already uses the advantages of quantum technologies, gaining a serious advantage over the competition by adopting quantum neural networks.

Such implementations allowed to significantly improve the accuracy of analytical data acquired used for development, set up, and adjustments of algorithm system.

How does Qubittech work?

Qubittech.ai has many investments plan that investors can benefit from but is a higher risk plan.

Which are bronze, silver, gold, platinum, bronze+, silver+, gold+, and platinum+.

All you have to do choose the one that meets the tour amount to be invested.

















Is Qubittech legit or a scam

Qubittech.ai is a Ponzi scheme that is not likely to stay for more than a month.

Qubittech is an (HYIP) high yield investment program that is highly profitable.

From my own point of view, qubittech seem to be a legit investment company but can also turn fraud Company at any time.

If you like to invest in this company because of this review deposit funds which you can afford to lose.

After all, is not an easy way to made wealth.

Any investors the risk is been taken by you qubittech can collapse anytime without paying their investor.

One thing users need to have in mind that qubittech can pay monitors to promote the platform by testifying they are paying but may not likely to pay.

That is why they are called (HYIP) high yield investment program.

Qubittech affiliate program

Qubittech has created an affiliate program, which offers effective work instruments and generous rewards and bonuses.

To become a member of qubittech affiliate program, you need to activate a digital license from (100 usdt) and invite at least one new user to your both left and right binary legs.

Qubittech affiliate programs are quick start bonus, direct bonus, binary bonus, matching bonus, and rank bonuses.

Quick start bonus

Activate and unlimited numbers of free licenses and maximize your rewards.

Achievement condition

Within two periods of 15 days, any user can get an unlimited number of digital licenses from 100 usdt to 100,000 usdt.

As a reward by inviting 2 new users to the strong leg, and 2 new users to the weak leg 4 totals.

If 4 new users activate a digital license of the same value, you will get a license of this value as a reward.

But invite 4 new users and get a digital license equal to the minimum license value activated by new users.


Direct bonus and binary bonus

From 2 to 4 active lines.

From 6% to 8% from new license activation.

Achievement condition

Depend on the user’s current status the higher the user status the better condition of the bonuses.

To start receiving the direct bonus and binary bonus the user must register by using your affiliate link.

The direct bonus is paid for any new digital license activate by your partners.

For a user to get paid you must have at least one binary point on the left leg and right leg.


Matching bonus

From 1 to 10 active lines.

Up to 10% of partner’s binary bonuses

Achievement condition

Qubittech affiliate program offers ten exclusive careers rank each new rank achieve come with a reward of 100 usdt.

In addition to that, every new rank achieves offer improve addition for receiving matching bonuses.

The matching bonuses come with a percentage received by your partners.

The number of lines available in receiving matching bonuses is base on your current career rank and can be a maximum of 10 lines.


Rank and bonuses

12 exclusive ranks.

Rank bonus from 100 usdt to 500,000 usdt

Achievement condition

To effectively achieve new ranks it is important to maintain a balanced proportion for the binary legs.

Binary proportion is base on your usdt volume of the direct partners excluding sponsor usdt volume.

Whereas the biggest usdt value of the binary leg can be both in your left binary leg or your right binary leg.


Qubittech.ai is a Ponzi scheme that is not likely to stay for more than a month.

Qubittech is a (HYIP) high yield investment program that is at higher risk for investors.

Any investors that may likely to invest in qubittech invest what you can afford to lose.

For users to become affiliate programs you need to activate a digital license from (100 usdt) and invest at least one new user both left and right binary.

Qubittech can turn to fraud websites any day without paying their investors.


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