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Luckybetgoyou is a new platform that wants to pay it member visual money when they complete an order on the platform

Luckybetgoyou review (Is luckybetgoyou legit or a scam?). Read all you are expected to know about this good for nothing platform that reward user 1000 naira free sign-up bonus.

In this review will are going to navigate through the sub topic of what is luckybetgoyou, domain insight, CEO of luckybetgoyou, address of luckybetgoyou, how to join luckybetgoyou, luckybetgoyou withdrawal, how does luckybetgoyou works, and more.

A newly good for nothing platform has just been born on the internet claiming to reward user 1000 naira as a sign-up bonus without doing nothing. They promise to pay users when they grab orders on the platform.

In case if you are wondering if this platform is legit or a scam. Do not panic about that because at the end of this review you are going to decide that for yourself.

Whether if you can still go ahead and sign-up for an account with this notorious platform that wants to lure innocent users to invest on their platform.

Signing up for an account with this unsecure platform is just a total waste of time. Because you are going to grab their order on the platform and you are going to be rewarded with visual money that you can only see in your dashboard of the platform.

There is no way the visual money can leave the platform to your normal local bank account. In case if you want to invest with this anonymous platform invest what you can afford to risk not what you can never afford to risk.

Because this platform is regulated with an unknown individual that can never be trace or track. Involving your money in such a platform like this you stand a chance of losing it easily.

What is luckybetgoyou?

Luckybetgoyou is a new platform that wants to pay it member visual money when they complete an order on the platform. Each newly registered member will be compensated with a free sign-up reward of 1000 naira.

The free sign-up reward given to all users is to be used to carry out 5 orders in a day and earn a commission from the order. The platform offers a membership plan they users can recharge depending on the membership level they want to join.

Domain insight

Luckybetgoyou was created in the year 2021-09-11 which domain name will expire in the year 2022-09-11 which may be likely to upgrade to more years.

CEO of luckybetgoyou

No information about the CEO of the platform. Scams operate in an anonymous way because they know their work is wrongdoing. Not revealing the name of the CEO is a better way to prevent them not to be tracked.

Address of luckybetgoyou

No information about their address or location because they know that they will pour out an empty claim to users. By disappointment users that will be a victim for them and such platform is not secure to join.

How to join luckybetgoyou?

How to recharge on luckybetgoyou?

Before you recharge your account you are expected to log in and click on account and recharge. The minimum recharge amount is from 5000 naira and above and you are expected to make your payment with your ATM card.

How to withdraw on luckybetgoyou?

Once you have log in click on account and click on withdraw and add your bank details correctly. The minimum withdrawal amount is for the range of 5000 naira and above.

How does luckybetgoyou work?

First, you are expected to have an account and you will be compensated with a free sign-up reward of 1000 naira. The free sign-up reward given to users is to complete 5 daily orders. Before you started grab orders on the platform you are expected to fill in your receiver address.

You can do that by clicking on account and click on setting and click on receiving address and fill in the form with the right details. Each user will be rank according to the membership plan you recharge.

The higher the membership plan the higher you are to earn. There is 7 membership plan that user can choose anyone that he can afford to recharge.

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Free vip1

  1. Recharge amount: 1000 naira
  2. Daily order: 5
  3. Commission: 0.6%
  4. Daily income: 30


  1. Recharge amount: 5000 naira
  2. Daily order: 5
  3. Commission: 1%
  4. Daily income: 250


  1. Recharge amount: 10000 naira
  2. Daily order: 5
  3. Commission: 1.10%
  4. Daily income: 550


  1. Recharge amount: 30000 naira
  2. Daily order: 5
  3. Commission: 1.20%
  4. Daily income: 1800


  1. Recharge amount: 80000 naira
  2. Daily order: 5
  3. Commission: 1.5%
  4. Daily income: 6000


  1. Recharge amount: 200000 naira
  2. Daily order: 5
  3. Commission: 2%
  4. Daily income: 20000


  1. Recharge amount: 500000 naira
  2. Daily order: 5
  3. Commission: 3%
  4. Daily income: 75000


  1. Recharge amount: 1000000 naira
  2. Daily order: 5
  3. Commission: 4%
  4. Daily income: 200000

Is luckybetgoyou legit or a scam?

The current status of this platform is still new and there is no payment proof yet. If you know that this platform is legit or a scam you can leave a comment down below for the sake of other users.

Referral commission

Invite a new member to join the platform with your registration link to earn a commission when they complete signing up for an account.


Writing this review is for the purpose of inexperienced users to know more about this platform. And if you have gained something valuable from this article feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.

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