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Share on pinterest review legit or scam check out is an online platform that wants to reward its users by sharing ads and watching videos on their channel to earn a commission.

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Dreamlifeforum review (Is legit or scam?). Read all you are expected to know about this pyramid scheme investment site. In this review will are going to dissect the following dreamlifeforum review, who is the CEO of dreamlifeforum, and how does dreamlifeforum works, and lots more.

There are lots of investment sites on the internet claiming to be financially independent for users that sign up for accounts with them and the majority of those platforms are unreliable platforms that users need to stay clear from.

The rate of people searching the internet about this popular niche on how to make money online is very high that why the internet is rife with scam investment platforms. I know you may be wondering if dreamlifeforum is legit or a scam. You are in the right place to know the bitter and the sweetest part of this pyramid scheme investment platform.

Although pyramid scheme investment sites are never to be trusted because they only stay for some months and disappear without paying their investors. The only people that benefit from pyramid scheme investment are the owner of the platform and the staff that are working with them.

Without been told this platform will equally work as other pyramid scheme investment works. For you not to be a victim of pyramid scheme investment platforms you need to make your own research before jumping in into any online investment platform because many platforms are scams.

Let find out about legit or scam check out to know if the platform is a reliable investment or platform that will stay for a period of months and disappear. Keep reading to know the red flags about this pyramid scheme investment platform. review

According to the platform, is a social media platform that enhances in out and in advertisement thereby making income from it and pays its members every due. Dreamlifeforum is such a platform that has success and never stops pursuing their dreams. The about information was found on the site.

Who is the CEO of dreamlifeforum? does not provide any official information about the owner of the platform or the staff running the platform in case of the platform ends up defrauding users knows nobody can be apprehended and that makes it riskier for users to invest.

Where is dreamlifeforum located?

The platform does not provide any information about is location or address because they know that their work is wrong of doing. If you have any information to ask about the platform you can contact them via any social media account they provided and wait in vain for a response.

How to join dreamlifeforum?

Dreamlifeforum login

  • Email
  • Password

How to deposit on dreamlifeforum?

Once you have log in click on the menu icon and click on deposit. Choose the investment plan you which to buy and scroll down to see their payment method. You can make payment either by bank transfer or crypto and upload the screenshot of your payment proof to receive your money.

Dreamlifeforum withdraw

Before you request for withdrawal you must have a minimum amount of 4000 naira before your withdrawal method can be granted.

How does works?

Before you start earning with this platform you have to make a deposit to any of their investment plan they offer and you must subscribe to their channel and share their ads and watch videos for 5 or 30 seconds and like the video.

Daily earning and daily task


  1. Basic plan
  2. Subscription fee: 5000 naira
  3. Daily earning: 267 naira
  4. Period of: 30 days


  1. Premium plan
  2. Subscription fee: 11000 naira
  3. Daily earning: 514 naira
  4. Period of: 30 days


  1. Standard plan
  2. Subscription fee: 21000 naira
  3. Daily earning: 1034 naira
  4. Period of: 30 days


  1. Golden plan
  2. Subscription fee: 52000 naira
  3. Daily earning: 2434 naira
  4. Period of: 30 days


  1. Advance plan
  2. Subscription fee: 82000 naira
  3. Daily earning: 3667 naira
  4. Period of: 30 days


  1. Contract plan
  2. Subscription fee: 165000 naira
  3. Daily earning: 7400 naira
  4. Period of: 30 days


  1. Finance plan
  2. Subscription fee: 330000 naira
  3. Daily earning: 14667 naira
  4. Period of: 30 days


  1. Shareholder plan
  2. Subscription fee: 660000 naira
  3. Daily earning: 28667 naira
  4. Period of: 30 days

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Key takeaway

  • Miss use of words
  • Poor spelling
  • Wrong sentence
  • Your money is at a higher risk

Is dreamlifeforum legit or a scam?

The platform has not been verified legit and there is no complaint if the platform has scammed someone or not. If you are interested in this platform you can invest what you can afford to risk because pyramid scheme investment platforms only stay for months.

Referral commission

Invite new users to join the platform with your referral link to earn a commission whenever your referrals purchase their investment plan.

Summary is an online platform that wants to reward its users by sharing ads and watching videos on their channel to earn a commission. Before you get started with this platform you have to choose any of their investment plans and make a deposit either by bank transfer or crypto and upload the screenshot proof of your payment.

Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below about how you feel about this platform and also subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest information about pyramid scheme investment sites and also share our article with friends.

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