Daulmine 2020 fraudulent website review

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Dualmine review scam

Dualmine is a fraudulent website that claims to be real hashing power legit site.

Dualmine is a scam website that promises users a huge turnover interest at the end of two years.

Dualmine has different ways of making payments to your account which are bitcoin, ethereum, cryptonists, litecoin, bitcoincash, dash, dogecoin, zcash, monero, ethereum classic, and bitcoin gold.


Dualmine promises users a discount of hashing power all in the name they are offering a promo to users that is to say if you bought a hashing power of 1000GH/S you get 6000GH/S hashing power.

Domain registration

Some scam website registered their domain for one year but dualmine.com registered a domain for four years to prove to users they are legit sites but they are a scam site.

Dualmine was created in the year 2018, February 27 and the domain will expire in the year 2021, February 21.


Dualmine names the founder CEO Lukaz Borzeszkowski company name crytonits LTD located London, united kingdom, registered office address 20-22 wenlock road, London NI 7GU England. Dualmine.com gets a cheaper U.k certificate to appear to users they are a real investment mining company but a Scam Company.


Dualmine has allotted testimony to convince users they are real.

The team member of dualmine incorporation promotes the platform by sharing testimony on the platform to prove to users is real.

Any prove of comment or payment proof is from the team member of dualmine to encourage users they are real.

How does dualmine work?

Dualmine proves to users they are the best when it comes to mining.

They have a mining calculator that can easily calculate your interest for you but they can never keep to their promises.

Dualmine has a contract price you can invest on its lets users purchase a minimum hashing power of 46.30GH/S that is equivalent to 15.99$.

The current estimated profit will be daily 0.08$, monthly 2.40$, yearly 28.78$ at the end of 2 years the current balance is 57.56$.

In dualmine all contracts purchase by users expired at the end of every 2 years.

The reason should not invest

Not all mining company is a scam like dualmine

Dualmine is designed in such a way that users will be likely to invest their money because they have enough reason to convince users they are real.

Just ask yourself what they are doing with your money they will prove to you they are into trade or they used your money for business all are fakes.

They prove to users they will stay longer but keep in mind that they haven’t gotten their major target.

Once they got their major target the company will shut down.

Never be convincing with their payment proof they pay themselves to prove to users they are a real mining company.

Just imagine that you sign up to get 100GH/S free mining hashing power for free.

They want to use it to convince the user they appear real for users to buy mining hashing power.

Users’ needs to known bitcoin mining are not easy to mine they are very expensive to purchase and required electricity.

If you invest your money the money will reflect on your account but you will not get paid.

If you made a withdrawal it will be shown pending your money will remain pending even do you chat them that you request for withdrawing but the money is still pending they will not give you feedback.

In any legit mining hashing power, you want to invest, invest what you can afford to lose, not what you cannot afford to lose.

Do not lend money for investment anything can happen to that particular site you invest your money on.

Please beware of this scam site do not be a victim of the hand of the scammer.


Dualmine is a fraudulent website that appears to be real to users but a scam website.

Dualmine is free to register signup users can get free hashing power of 100GH/S free as a signup bonus.

Never let them deceive you with their free signup bonus what is important to you is your capital you want to invest.

Do not be convinced with comment or payment proof they promote the platform by themselves.


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