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Africgoldm review (Is legit or scam?) check out

Afrigoldm is one of the leading cryptocurrency mining platforms offering cryptocurrency mining capacities in every range - for newcomers.

Africgoldm review (Is legit or scam?). Read all you are expected to know about this online investment site.

In this post I am going to cover the following africgoldm review, domain registration, who is the CEO of africgoldm, where is africgoldm located, how to join africgoldm, how to withdraw on africgoldm, how does africgoldm works and lots of more.

Welcome you once to my review. In this review, I will remain honest to all my readers about what I have found out about this platform. So that you can decide what to do on this platform.

This platform is regulated by unknown individuals that can never be trace. The social media account provided on the platform is not even a link to their page. It’s the only link to social media platforms that is to show you that they do not have anything to offer.

At this time of writing this review, I was unable to access the platform because you have to invest first before accessing the platform. What I do is that I contact them on Whatsapp asking them few questions. The response I got from the person chatting with me was not okay with me.

In case you come across the article and you want to invest with this platform. Here is a question I want you to ask them. Ask the person the name of the CEO of the platform and if he provides the name for use copy the name and searches the name on social media if it’s the right person.

If you found the name communicate with the person by asking him some vital questions you know about investment. Just keep reading to know more about this platform.

Africgoldm review

Afrigoldm is one of the leading cryptocurrency mining platforms offering cryptocurrency mining capacities in every range – for newcomers. Its mission is to make acquiring cryptocurrencies easy and fast for everyone.

As an africgoldm you get paid as you mine per minute without having to bring people before earning. They are combining all the key aspects of conducting an efficient cryptocurrency mining activity.

From building a highly efficient data center to providing a robust mining system for our users. The above information was seen on the platform.

Domain registration

Africgoldm was created in the year 2021-09-11 which domain name will expire in the year 2022-09-11 which can be updated to more years.

Who is the CEO of

The CEO of this platform was not mentioned on the platform and that makes it a more risky investment. Anonymous is the highest way for an online investment to succeed by scamming investors.

Where is located?

According to the platform is located in Lagos but they do not provide the name of the address. You can as well contact them if you have any complaints and wait in vain for a response.

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How to join

First, you have to buy an activation code click here to get the dispatchers. You can contact any of them for your africgoldm for an activation code. Once you have been giving the code return back to the platform and sign-up for your account.

How to withdraw on

I was unable to navigate through the platform because I did invest. But according to the frequently asked questions your earnings would be credited to your account after attaining minimum withdrawal threshold.

How to invest on

Like, I said earlier contact any of the dispatchers to get your code before you sign-up for an account.

How does africgoldm work?

Contact one of their dispatch retailers to buy a membership pin for any plan/package you want to register with. Create a user profile for yourself using the register option and get ready to mining.

Now you are ready to mine! Increase the mining power on the fly for all the coins using You will periodically receive mining output from your designated wallet.

Is legit or a scam?

Currently, there has been no payment proof yet about this platform. If you have any contributions to this platform you can as well leave a comment down below.


Feel free to leave your opinion in the comment section below if you know that this platform is legit or a scam with proof. I assume that you have learned something different from this article.

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